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Cookbooks Still for Sale

Please consider purchasing a cookbook to help us raise funds for adopting a baby.

Cost: $18 per cookbook (shipping is free)

Paypal payments can be made to or you can mail us a check.
Just let us know if you want to mail a check.

To purchase a cookbook you can leave a note on this page, you can send us a private message through facebook or you can email us (

God Bless, Patrick and Emillie

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a little more about us.

In 2007 we were married and dreamed of the fairytale life - good jobs, 2 vehicles, a nice house and a family. By 2008, we had everything of a fairytale life and were expecting our first child. Two months later, we lost our first baby. We still had high hopes for having children, but then in 2008 and 2009 we had several more miscarriages.

Knowing that we did not want to risk my health any further, we felt that God's will for us was to adopt a baby. We decided to do fundraisers to offset the high cost of adoption. Our first fundraiser is puzzle piece sponsorships at $5 per puzzle piece. Our second fundraiser is the cookbooks that we are selling today. Family and friends contributed their favorite recipes that resulted in a professionally printed 157 page cookbook filled with hundreds of wonderful recipes.

We started with our current adoption agency in April 2010 and completed our homestudy in July 2010. We have been waiting to be matched with a birthmother since July and are anxious to meet her and eventually our baby!

Please purchase a cookbook today to help us achieve our goal of not having to have an adoption loan. Cookbooks are only $18 plus FREE SHIPPING.

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